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Xiaomi Portable Air Purifiers Perfume

Xiaomi Portable Air Purifiers Perfume
Xiaomi Portable Air Purifiers Perfume
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Portable Air Purifiers Perfume Diffuser Screen Display Wall Mounted Room Fragrance Machine Essential Oil Diffuser

Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Liquid capacity: 45ml
Charging time: 2-2.5 hours
Use time: Standby for 60 days
Packing list: color box, host, Type-c data cable, adhesive, bracket, manual, cotton swab + empty bottle

Instructions for use:
1. For the first time, press and hold the power on to display ON, and then the screen will be in standby state (the fragrance symbol will light up after power on)
2. Double-click the switch to switch the battery
3. Click the button to switch gears, the default gear is 1 when power on, press again to change to gear 2, and so on, the highest gear is gear 5
4. Shutdown: Press and hold the power button again to display 0FF as shutdown. "

Why choose our product:
1. LED high-definition display
2.1200mAh large capacity battery
3.5 gear operating mode

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